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GlobeCast to launch Australia’s first MPEG-4 service

GlobeCast Australia, a subsidiary of worldwide GlobeCast Group, announced a major upgrade that will allow the company to deliver its customers in Australia.

Chief Executive Simon Farnsworth said, “We have invested in MPEG-4 to give our customers access to the latest world-class technologies to help them innovate and grow.”

GlobeCast will commence its new MPEG-4 service with its channel partner RTS SAT, the Australian arm of EURO World Network (EWN). EWN operates a DTH and IP service using GlobeCast Australia DTH distribution on Optus D2.

The company’s enhancement of its Optus D2 DTH platform includes upgrading four carriers to state-of-the art Thompson Video Networks MPEG-4/MPEG-2 encoders. The Optus D2 DTH platform covers Australia and New Zealand.