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CCTV upgrades its Kenya bureau with robotic cameras

Central China Television (CCTV) installed specialised cameras in its Africa television studios in Nairobi, Kenya, which allow for easier control and creation of repeatable presets and on-air camera moves in a small bureau environment, reports.

The Kenya studios are part of a network of of news bureaus that CCTV has been establishing in different cities around the world.

According to the system designer Kevin Centanni, making the small studio appear bigger to the viewer required a little extra ingenuity, but the solution was readily found with a Telemetrics linear camera track system.

“I knew a camera track system would give us the effect we wanted and also give the floor director more creative scope in the opening and closing shots,” said Mr. Centanni. “I had used Telemetrics products in the past in other installations and I was sure they would have something that would fit our needs.” He added.

The custom designed configuration includes a 15 foot long ceiling mounted section of Telemetrics TG-3 TeleGlide linear camera track system. Mounted to the Telemetrics PT-CP-S4 pan-tilt head is a Panasonic AK-HC1800 camera with a Fujinon ZA12X4.5BMD wide angle zoom lens. The system is controlled by an Apple iPad using custom software.