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ABC Australia to broadcast solar eclipse on digital radio

On Wednesday November 14, 2012 just after the sun rises, it will be obscured by the moon. The remote indigenous community of Ramingining in Australia’s Far North Queensland will be the first place in the country to witness this total solar eclipse.

ABC’s dedicated special events digital radio station, ABC Extra, will be broadcasting from the remote indigenous community, before moving on to Cairns to track the eclipse across the tropical north of Australia.

The station will follow events as people from around Australia and the world gather for a day of celebrations around this rare event.

The eclipse path will travel a 1,200 km corridor across to Port Douglas before leaving Australia. The eclipse itself will last for just under two minutes.

ABC Extra is a ‘special events’ national Digital Radio channel which comes alive to give listeners extra coverage of special events beyond what can be provided by other ABC Radio networks.  It is available on digital radio in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, and also online at