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UK regulator sets reserve price & timeline for 4G spectrum sale

The timeline for the largest ever sale of mobile phone spectrum in the UK has been released and a reserve price of £1.3 billion has been put on the sale of 4G spectrum by the regulator Ofcom.

A provisional deadline of 11 December 2012 has been set for the submission of applications from prospective bidders, with the bidding to take place in January 2013 and the winners being notified in February or March. The spectrum, largely drawn from the switch-off of analogue television services, will almost double the amount of capacity available to the tablets and Smartphones that currently use 3G networks.

“Today marks an important shift from preparation to the delivery of the auction, which will see widespread 4G mobile services from a range of providers,” said Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards. “The entire industry is now focused on the auction itself, with a shared goal of delivering new and improved mobile services for consumers.”

4G services in the UK are likely to go live in June 2013.