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China to hold its CBIT2012 & DOF in Chongquing

The fifth China Broadcasting Industrial Trend (CBIT) and the first ever DVB+OTT Integration & Innovation Forum (DOF) Annual Conference will take place December 6-7 in southeast of Chongqing, the most competitive capital city of China’s vast southwest hinterland.

For the first time, the CBIT is held out of Beijing, and organised in conjunction with the Chongqing CATV Network Company. During the two-day conference, this year’s top ten China broadcasting industrial news as well as the next year’s top ten industrial development trends will be announced.

This year’s CBIT theme is innovation and the meeting will focus on the evolution from traditional media to new media and its effect on the Chinese radio and television industry.  Issues such as cross-platform development, business innovation, promotion and development of China’s TV industry will feature prominently in the discussions.

The DVB + OTT fusion Innovation Forum will hold its first annual meeting on 7 December. Part of the event will consist of an open forum bringing together developers and other industry stakeholders to explore the integration of DVB + OTT.  The Forum will culminate with the unveiling of the Enhanced TV project, as well as its work on cross-device interconnection standards and the Wired Smart One Machine project which aims to integrate digital TV, cable and smart TV to optimise B2B functionality and cooperation.