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New President & CEO for KBS Korea

Korea’s leading public broadcaster has a new President and CEO. Mr Gil Hwan-young, the 20th President & CEO of KBS, took office and began his three-year term on the 23rd of November. He was appointed by the President of Korea, Lee Myung-bak, on the recommendation of the KBS Board of Governors.

At the inauguration ceremony, Mr Gil, emphasized that KBS should re-organize itself to produce creative content to break through the financial crisis that has started to have a constricting effect on the broadcasting industry. 

ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi welcomed the appointment saying that KBS has been one of the Union’s most active members, a tradition that was sure to continue and develop under Mr Gil’s leadership.  “KBS has been an active member of the ABU over many years and has exemplified the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance under which the Union was founded and continues to strive, the most recent example being the highly successful 49th ABU General Assembly in Seoul, hosted by KBS which Mr Gil attended and contributed to” said Dr Mottaghi. 

Mr Gil joined KBS as a TV producer in 1981 and has since held key positions including foreign correspondent in Paris, France, Executive Director of Programming & Planning, Managing Director of Content Division and Executive Vice President. He is the first KBS President to be appointed while already holding an executive position at KBS.