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The Queen to deliver Christmas message in 3D

In a year when she was seen parachuting into the London Olympics alongside James Bond, The Queen is to give her annual Christmas message in 3D, BroadbandTVNews reports.

According to The Sunday Times, BSkyB, which is responsible for the production of this year’s message, recorded the speech in the 3D format last week.

During her 60-year reign The Queen has seen the transition for black and white to colour television, high definition, and 3D itself. However, despite industry enthusiasm 3D as been less than warmly greeted by her subjects.

The broadcaster was last year denied permission to broadcast the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 3D.

BSkyB rotates the production the Christmas message, traditionally broadcast on Christmas Day at 3pm, with the BBC and ITV. It will also be made available to other broadcasters.

A spokesperson for BSkyB confirmed it was producing this year’s message, but declined to comment on the format.