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IMF produces broadcast quality programs for the Asia-Pacific

The International Monetary Fund has issued two new programs aimed at disseminating news of their work in the Asia-Pacific and economic issues affecting the region.

Broadcasters wanting to see samples of the short videos between two and seven minutes long can find them on the website.

Partnerships for Change: Cambodia shows a number of Cambodians discussing how IMF technical assistance has helped their country’s banking system recover from the devastation of the Khmer Rouge and become a driver of the country’s development. Can Women Save Japan (and Asia Too)? Examines how government policies that support women in their work-family balancing act would help Japan remain a player in the global economy.

The videos are designed to provide information on the key functions of the IMF that affect the global financial landscape and they include interviews with world-renowned economists and the general public.

The IMF’s video library includes feature videos with a human interest angle targeted to not-for-profit organisations, general media and educational outlets. The IMF also provides agency style news clips designed specifically for the world media.

All videos are available on the IMF’s You Tube site: or via the IMF video page:

Broadcast quality clips can be downloaded via the News Market at . Non-English language versions are also available for some videos.

For more information Please contact Rachel Gordon at