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TBS and VTV sign an agreement on a historic drama co-production

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc (TBS) and Vietnam Television (VTV) today agreed to coproduce a drama commemorating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam. The chief executives of the two companies also signed a news partnership agreement, under which they are to cooperate in providing news and information related to the special program.

Japan and Vietnam established diplomatic relations on September 9, 1973. On December 14, 2012 in Hanoi, TBS President Toshichika Ishihara and VTV President Tran Binh Minh signed a joint project agreement to coproduce a drama commemorating the 40th anniversary of this historic event. The program will celebrate the friendship between Japanese and Vietnamese characters and be set in both countries. TBS and VTV plan to air the two-hour special in Japan and Vietnam in autumn 2013.

Under the news partnership agreement also signed today, TBS and VTV will work together to provide the news media information relevant to the special program. The two companies will also cooperate on satellite transmission methods, the use of broadcasting facilities, and responding to media reporting on the program. 

Government-operated VTV offers terrestrial and cable broadcasts and is the only television station that serves all of Vietnam. 

By partnering with VTV in the rapidly growing Vietnamese market, TBS aims to further strengthen its position of content provider to Asia and its international operations.