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ABU Secretary-General sends season’s greetings

As we come to the end of the year and enter a season of festivities for many people around the world, I wish on behalf of the ABU, its Administrative Council and staff, happiness and harmony at this special time to you, your families and friends regardless of religious belief.

As we take time to think about those we love and care or for whom we are responsible, I hope we can look back on a year of working and achieving together. 

Like millions of people around the globe, we at the ABU HQ celebrate on different occasions; Deepavali , Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Christmas. The ABU Secretariat is a mosaic – a part of the larger ABU Family that enjoys unity in diversity. Diversity is the human face of globalization. It is what gives humanity its dynamism and its promise. That is part of the ABU’s strength.

May I say how proud we are to work for ABU members  across the region as well as our friends and partners around the world. Many exciting things are planned for 2013 and I hope as we undertake them you will join us wherever possible so that together we can continue our work to strengthen broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific and better serve and meet the expectation of the billions of audiences in the ABU Family.

May the festive season be a time for joy, regeneration and for reconnecting with those things which are important to you.

Our best wishes to you all until we meet again.