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Digital TV broadcasting begins in Korea

On December 31, the era of analogue terrestrial TV broadcasting ended in Korea. 

Ulsan was the first city in the nation to begin to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting. On December 31, the nation’s digital conversion finally ended in the Seoul metropolitan area. 

Now only digital TV broadcasting is available nationwide.

Korea became the 24th country among the 33 member-nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to complete digital transition. 

The Korea Communications Commission estimates that the nation’s digital switchover rate now reaches 99.7 percent.

The remaining 0.3 percent, or around 50,000 households that still receive analogue broadcasting can only watch TV if they have a digital converter.

The Korea Communications Commission has pledged to provide support in the installation of antennas and converters for three more months, and will run an emergency call center for six months, to assist with the switchover.