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NTRC Uzbekistan launches two new TV channels

2013 heralded the launch of two new television channels in Uzbekistan.

The National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan reports that the two new channels – “Madaniyat va ma’rifat” and “Dunyo bo‘ylab” will create high quality cultural, educational and artistic TV programs for its audiences.

“Madaniyat va ma’rifat” channel is will focus on culture and information and will produce popular scientific, cultural and educational TV programs.

Dunyo bo’lab” will focus on youth, history, geography and development programs, with a special emphasis on the production of telecasts on ecological culture of the population in the Central Asian Region and promoting the unique tourist capacity of Uzbekistan and its healthy lifestyle.

The two channels will be broadcast from new studios within NTRC’s Media Center with technical support and transition to digital television also developed and supplied by specialists from the NTRC.