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Thailand to grant 31 satellite TV licences on January 30

Thailand’s broadcasting regulator will grant licences for 31 satellite TV channels on January 30, reports.

The broadcasting committee of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), also approved the awarding tomorrow of 515 permits to radio broadcasters to trial the business, of which 404 are for commercial service, 67 for public service and 44 for community service.

It also approved 271 licences to operate a network broadcasting service, of which five are for national networks, 52 for regional networks and the rest for community networks.

The licences are for companies wanting to serve cable and satellite TV broadcasters.

The committee allowed TV Channel 5 to test a terrestrial digital TV service at the end of January as part of the country’s conversion from analog to digital TV.

Similar permits have been granted to Channel 7, Modernine TV and NBT.