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Ka-Band VSAT Roundtable Addresses Regulatory and Interference Issues

The Global VSAT Forum’s Ka-band roundtable assembly in London featured top speakers from regulators, legal firms, as well as satellite companies all debating the future for Ka-band and high-powered satellites (HTS). Certainly, with more of these satellites going up, there is now more pressure than ever for effective regulation as operators look to make the most of these satellites.

One of the main talking points of the event was satellite interference. While this has been an issue long associated with broadcasting, it could become more and more of factor in the data arena. Companies are working on solutions for the whole interference issue. Satellite operators and service providers have spent a considerable amount of time and money on their attempts to reduce interference. Carrier interference needs a solution quickly. More systems are getting deployed and interference issues are on the increase. There is a need to go beyond type approvals now and take periodic checks to make sure all the products going out in the field meets the requirements.

(Satellite Today)