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New President & CEO for EBS Korea

Dr Shin Yongsup, former Standing Commissioner of Korea Communications Commission (KCC) was elected as the 7th President & CEO of EBS.

During his inauguration Dr Shin spoke of the challenges facing him and the broadcaster in the immediate future. “A new challenge as the President and CEO of EBS has just started and I will contribute to developing EBS into the world’s top education media group by raising the competitiveness of educational content”.

He also stressed that the role of a media company is significant in the era of knowledge and creativity and presented his management strategy to those present.

Dr Shin graduated from Yonsei University with a degree in Electronic Engineering in 1981 and joined the public service in the Ministry of Information and Communication (MOCIE) where – over the next 25 years he served in various positions from Director General, National Radio Research Agency to Director of Radio Broadcasting Policy Division and Policy Coordination Division. He was then appointed to the KCC as Director of Telecommunications Policy Bureau and the Head of Convergence Policy Division for broadcasting communication. 

Dr Shin took office formally after an inauguration ceremony on 5 December 2012. His term of office is 3 years.