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ABU Children’s Drama Co-Production

About the ABU Children’s Drama Co-production Series:

Create one, Take all!” is the principle of this co-production. Participating ABU members are entitled to receive drama episodes produced by other ABU members of the same co-production year or series for broadcast.ABU Children’s TV Drama Co-production is conducted under the principle of ‘Make one episode and take all others’. All episodes with minimum dialogue are easily understood by all the children from different cultural background.It started as an ambitious project that grew out of the annual ABU Children’s TV Programme Item Exchange Meeting, about a decade ago where six pioneering members formed the pilot group creating their own brand of wholesome and culturally-rich content for theirs and other children in the Asia-Pacific region! Each member produce, at their own cost, a 15 minute drama episode targeted at 7 – 9 year olds based on the common theme, Mental Growth of Children in Different Situations.  Some episodes are exchanged between the ABU and the EBU.The project has a strong training element as the Executive Producer is always on hand to provide regular online feedback from story development to final script. EP will also make an on-site visit to provide one-on-one training to the producer.

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12th ABU Children’s Drama Co-Production Series (1st Meeting)
13-15 April 2015, Tokyo, Japan

Dear colleagues,

The production of the 2014 Children Drama Series, supervised by  Yoshinori Komiyama’s now is almost at the final phase.
Its final Screening Session will take place in Tokyo, Japan on 13 -15 April 2015. 
For those of you who are not familiar with the Exchange-model, the ABU Children series are based on the principle of “make one, take all”, i.e. each broadcaster produces one episode and receives the others for free.
The Rules 2015 (including the Theme and the Series’ specifications) are attached to this message. Please have a look at it and don’t hesitate to revert back to us in case you have any question. Enclosed in the rules, you will find tentative agenda, the participation form and Rules/Working guidelines.
Last but not least, please note that you are welcome to join the 2014 screening session on 13 -15 April 2015 even if you have not participated in the 2014 series and that the first discussion/story ideas’ presentation on the 2015 edition of the Drama Series is to take place in Tokyo, Japan as well.
Should you already know that you want to participate in the Series or if you are interested but need to know more about it, you are warmly welcome to attend this meeting.
Participation deadline 20 March 2015.

Relevant documents are attached here:

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