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ABU Radio Song Festival 2015

The 3rd ABU Radio Song Festival was successfully held in Yangon. The show was co-organised by Myanma Radio & Television. Over 1000 people witnessed this grand show, Twelve acts from ten countries, selected by the Radio Song Festival selection committee, from dozens of entries, were invited to perform in the festival which was telecast live.

The ABU Radio Song Festival 2015 Performers:



Dila –“Aku Milik Orang

Brunei – Radio Televisyen Brunei

Peepal Tree – “Nayi Khushi”

India – All India Radio

Billy Talahatu – “Harmonize of the Soul

Indonesia – Radio Republic Indonesia

Niken Widiastuti – “Indonesia Pusaka

Indonesia – Radio Republic Indonesia

Jaewon Jung – “View

Korea – Korean Broadcasting System

Moosa Mausoof – “Farima

Maldives – Maldives Broadcasting Corporation

Ko Linn,Myo Min Oo, Min Theik Di & May Ingyin Thaw
– “Peaceful Earth

Myanmar – Cherry FM Radio Station

Jewel & Eastern – “Mingalar Bar

Myanmar – Padamyar FM

Sufie Rashid – “Tiada Pengganti

Singapore – MediaCorp Pte Ltd

Jack’s Fruit Band – “Ban Khong Rao(My Home)

Thailand –National Broadcasting Services of Thailand 

Dinh Thi Thanh Le – “Nguyen Tai Tue(offshore)

VOV – Voice of Vietnam