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RadioAsia Conference

RadioAsia2014 Conference
It’s All About Content: Positioning New Radio In The ‘Knowledge Society’
21 – 23 May 2014 (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

RadioAsia2014 Conference will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 21 to 23 May 2014. The Conference will address current pressing issues cited above as these pertain to the industry in the region. This conference is designed to bring value to all radio broadcasters and to others who are part of this industry there.

The RadioAsia Conference brings together leading radio media practitioners, communication specialists, policy makers, and academics from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond. Eminent speakers, specializing in various aspects of radio and communications, will share their perspectives.

RadioAsia is the only international radio programming event of its kind in the region. Over the years, this annual gathering of industry players has attracted a great deal of attention from radio broadcasters and other players in the radio industry across the world.

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