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ABU Digista Teens 2015

About ABU Digista teens

ABU Digista teens is ABU’s new flagship of TV
Co-Production for young generation. “Challengers” from each
country will
create digital artworks, and their works will be introduced with a
short documentary clips.
The 1st ABU Digista teens was held with 8
participating members* on 26 December 2011,
connecting 3 studios in
Tokyo, Istanbul and Bangkok.
(* RTB – Brunei, EBS – S.  Korea, IRIB – Iran, NBT – Thailand, NHK – Japan, RTM – Malaysia, TRT – Turkey and VTV – Vietnam)

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22 & 23 APRIL 2015

Deadline: 31st March 2015

Dear ABU TV Members,

We have great pleasure in inviting your organization to participate in the 5th ABU Digista Teens Producers’ Meeting 2015.As you may know, ABU Digista teens launched in 2011 so this will be the 5th event. Including the pilot event in 2010, 13 ABU member organizations from 13 countries and regions have participated in the past events, which were the seeds to discover and nurture young talent in digital art creation, such as CG and animation. Also the breadth of international cultural exchange is growing.

What is the ABU Digista Teens?

“ABU Digista Teens” is a project which will allow young people to acquire fluency with the new media of the digital era by enjoying video creation.

Vision and Goal
In “ABU Voyage to the Future” which was carried out from 2003 to 2009, a lot of teenagers in Asia learned about the environment through field work, and presented the fruits of their labour to each other in the events. ABU Digista teens was founded as one of the programs to support and raise such Asian youngsters. Our vision is to let them learn about themselves and the areas they live in through the digital art creating experience, and know the joy and difficulty of expressing themselves and delivering a finalized product. Furthermore, by holding an image event to communicate by introducing their work, we aim to promote mutual understanding among Asian communities. The growth of these teenagers is amazing. They learn as they take these digital technologies in, express the artistic touch of their generation, and garner inspiration from others’ works. A lot of Asian youths will struggle to express themselves through art, with advice from the top creators in their countries. Challengers from each country will create digital artwork, and their work will be introduced in an on-line event via the Internet.
It’s not a competition. The goal of the International Image Festival is to have teenagers from various locations around Asia co-operate to create thematic, visual expressions with digital art, and have fun while learning together.

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