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NHK WORLD TV to feature Japan’s pop culture

NHK WORLD TV, NHK’s international English-language TV channel, is broadcasting a series of programs that showcase Japan’s pop culture, including the popular Kawaii International and Top of the J Pop’s: Johnny’s World.

Kawaii International features the latest trends in “Kawaii”  (cute) from Japan – the undisputed home of “kawaii” culture. January’s edition will go to Vietnam and feature Vietnamese girls enjoying “kawaii” fashion and follow their transformation under the instruction of Japanese fashion experts. This is the first episode to be filmed overseas – in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City – since the program first aired in 2012.

JOHNNYS’ World: Top of the J Pops, is a dynamic stage show featuring 180 boys performing energy-filled dances and acrobatic movements. It is produced by Japan’s most famoust entertainment mogul Johnny Kitagawa, who has been producing numerous popular boy bands and idols like SMAP and ARASHI and presenting spectacular shows for more than 50 years.

Live streaming of NHK WORLD TV can be accessed through the NHK home page, as well as local satellites ( Live-streaming applications are also available for some smartphones and tablet computers.