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ATSC forms Implementation Team for ATSC 2.0

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) today announced the formation of new Implementation Teams for two new emerging standards – ATSC 2.0 and the Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS).

The announcement is a significant step in the move to expand the capabilities of ATSC broadcast TV and to keep the ATSC standard relevant and up-to-date for broadcasters and consumer device manufacturers. The introduction of Implementation Teams for both ATSC 2.0 and M-EAS underscores the progress and will help drive next-generation technologies toward marketplace introduction.

Composed of representatives from companies developing enhancements to digital TV broadcast standards, the new Implementation Teams will pursue a wide range of initiatives that may include market studies, prototype development, simulations, demonstrations, interoperability “plugfest” testing, field trials, compliance, certification, branding, marketing and promotion, as well as further standards recommendations to ATSC.

(Digital TV News)