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Sky AdSmart: full launch in 2014

Advertisers will be able to serve different ads on Sky1, Sky Sports, Sky Atlantic, Sky Movies, Sky Arts, Sky Living, Challenge and Pick TV, when BSkyB launches its AdSmart service later this year, Broadband TV News reports. But the full launch won’t take place until 2014.

The Sky+ HD receiver is effectively being turned into a media server with segmentation being offered according to specified attributes and geographically.

16 standard TV regions and 15 large metropolitan areas are available, 13 household types based on their financial needs, behavioural influences and preferences are also available and there is segmentation according to life stage and age of children.

Launch partners are currently being recruited and testing will take place among staff between April and August. According to Sky Media a “Limited Launch of Sky AdSmart” will get underway between August and December this year. The full launch is slated for between January and June 2014.

Ad impressions will be measured using information provided by Sky’s 500,000-strong home viewing panel.

AdSmart was originally scheduled for a 2011 launch.