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ABU Football College ready for virtual kick-off

Sports broadcast staff from 16 ABU member countries are about to take part in one of the world’s most advanced high intensity television training courses.

They have enrolled on the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’s second Football College from 27 February to 1 March, supported by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and presented by FIFA experts.

The trainers from FIFA’s Host Broadcast Services (HBS) – the Federation’s broadcast arm for World Cups – will use advanced TV simulators to give participants hands-on experience, with chances to redo match coverage and learn from their mistakes.

They will be able to simulate deploying more than 32 cameras for live coverage, capturing the motion and emotions of players, referees, coaches and fans in minute-by-minute plays.

They will learn how to develop vivid and informative graphics templates and how to choose the right shots from an array of monitors.

Each participant will be part of a team, under the instruction of the consultants, to cover a professional match in a giant virtual stadium, taking the roles of directors, VT producers, iris controllers and camera operators, rotating through different positions to gain an overall sense of whole match coverage.

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