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ABU-backed documentary series to be broadcast on UN Television

United Nations Television will broadcast the second ABU-backed CARE television series highlighting the struggles and achievements of women in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Change Asia, Rescue the Earth (CARE) second series “Empower Women” is a joint documentary project between the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and will air from this month (February) on the UNTV cable channel in the New York City area in the United States and worldwide via the Internet.

The CARE series began in 2011, inspired by the aspirations of the UN Millennium Development Goals setting out to end extreme poverty by the year 2015. 

The Empower Women series, first broadcast on Asia-Pacific broadcasters in 2012, narrows its focus on the challenges facing women and girls.

To watch CARE Series 2 and other UN programing, tune into the UNTV Livestation page: