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ABU workshop in Thailand showcases the best of radio

On World Radio Day, the head of the Thai national broadcaster NBT has praised the ABU for its support of radio and broadcasting in Thailand over many years.

Mr Teerapong Sodasri, Director General of National Broadcasting of Thailand (NBT), thanked the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union at the launch of a radio content workshop run by the Union’s Program Department in Bangkok.

More than 40 senior programming executives from NBT attended the workshop for radio content creators and planners.

ABU Senior Executive Radio Vijay Sadhu said: “The workshop exposed them to the vast variety and high quality programming produced within the ABU membership and contributed as competitive entries to the ABU Prizes. The workshop also showcases the wealth of programs that can help participants to upgrade their production level.”

Welcoming the ABU initiative, Mr Sodasri expressed his “heartfelt appreciation to the ABU for offering great concern and support to NBT over the years”.

He said: “NBT gains a deeper understanding of other broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific and improves its programming effectively by taking part in ABU radio programming activities.” He was accompanied by Executive Director Ms Usanee Sritanyarat and other NBT senior officials.