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UK PPV Bollywood movie streaming service tackles key driving forces of piracy

Numerous Hindi and Bollywood films are now available in the UK on, the gateway to legitimate film, TV and video services, with online pay-per-view (PPV) digital movie distributor Sanona becoming the first to take advantage of the site’s unique proposition, Advance Television reports. aggregates film availability in any format, allowing film fans to search for titles across localised cinema listings, DVD/Blu-ray releases and digital download and streaming services enabling consumers to watch now at the push of a button. With search results categorised by format, the site is designed to tackle the key driving factors of piracy: availability, convenience and affordability.

Sanona joins as embarks on a new partnership strategy which will see its extensive film database surfaced across a range of high profile film sites where the industry’s customers are already engaging with content; connecting audiences with a comprehensive range of legal services.

Sylvia Wan, Digital Communications Manager, Industry Trust, said that Sanoma’s titles would now feature in search results on and receive exposure on the high traffic sites the Trust would be partnering with. “We look forward to welcoming other new services on board as we work to grow our database even further.”

“Piracy affects us all and by working with we’re taking a simple but effective step in doing something about it,” said Adam Davies, CEO, Sanona. “As the UK’s largest online Pay-Per-View Hindi and Bollywood movie streaming service, we’re excited about reaching new audiences through our work with and their partner sites.”