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USA launches multi-platform TV series

USA Network has launched PSYCH The S#cial Sector, a new eight-week multi-platform murder mystery, Rapid TV News reports.

The S#cial Sector centres around an online reality competition in which contestants are sequestered in an unknown location and one contestant is voted off each week. When Shawn and Gus (series stars James Roday and Dule Hill ) discover the eliminated contestants are turning up dead, they enlist self-professed PSYCH-Os to become their digital assistants and help find the location of the reality show’s house and catch the killer.

Fans will help Shawn and Gus solve the case through a series of real-time communications, mini-games, crowd-sourcing challenges and an interactive Fan Theory Board where fans can post video responses to weekly challenges from the PSYCH characters.

PSYCH The S#cial Sector is the next evolutionary step in storytelling as it engages our fans by bringing them into the story with their own social and video-based content which they can share with other viewers and become part of a fantastic show experience,” said Jesse Redniss, senior vice president of digital at USA Network. “This Social TV activation reflects our on-going efforts to push the boundaries of storytelling across every screen and harness the immense power of fandom by creating a deeper connection our viewers.”