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Weather Channel launches its new Android app

The Weather Channel has gone live with a redesign of The Weather Channel App for Android, aimed at personalisation and more video-centric information.

Rapid TV News reports this is the first major redesign of the app since 2009. The app displays an immediate view of weather conditions with exact timing of when rain will begin and end, and offers a simple user interface, easier-to-find forecasts, improved map features, richer video offerings and easier location management.

“Our new app is more relevant – whether it’s an image that displays your local weather or helps to better plan your day based on rain start/stop times, it’s all about how the weather matters to each consumer,” said Cameron Clayton, president of the digital division, at the Weather Co. “Our Android redesign is a result of months of design and development based on user feedback and testing to create a deeper, more engaging weather experience.”

New localised maps and map layers include past and future radar, severe weather bulletins and tropical cyclone tracking. The map also offers automatic updates of localised weather, using the Android TruPoint location, and has a new refresh button for immediate updates.

There’s a social aspect, too: users can share weather forecasts, maps, alerts and more with family and friends to Facebook, Twitter and other major social networks.