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ABU Football College wraps up on a virtual high

The ABU Football College concluded today in Kuala Lumpur with participants taking part in simulated coverage of a live test match.

The Football College is a live broadcast training project initiated by FIFA’s broadcasting arm Host Broadcast Services (HBS) using a unique training tool called Live TV Simulator, which allows production crews to review and redo their broadcasts repeatedly. 

At the ABU headquarters in KL, 36 participants from 17 countries were taken by stages over three days through the principles of sports coverage and the use of the simulator and live coverage techniques before practicing their skills on a virtual test match in a stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

HBS trainer Lise Cosimi-Breant said the three days challenged the participants to think outside the square and look at new approaches.  She cited the test match as a particular highlight.  “The participants had a chance to both direct and produce coverage using our simulator equipment and afterwards we debriefed using the footage they recorded.  It was tremendously satisfying to see the learning take shape over such a short period of time”, she added.

ABU Secretary General Dr Javad Mottaghi praised FIFA for their support of this training course and for their initiatives to help Asia-Pacific broadcasters improve their capacity for live soccer coverage.

“HBS has undertaken the live production and media services of FIFA World Cups for more than 10 years,” he said. “We are very pleased that they are able to pass on their skills and knowledge to our members using the best equipment available today.” 

Hidenori Arai, Senior Manager, of FIFA’s TV Division congratulated the participants on their work and pointed out that while one can have the best possible equipment, the highlight of producing a live match was in its unpredictability. 

“Football is a drama without a script. The game is both dramatic and unpredictable and the key is to prepare but expect the unexpected.”