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Cambodia and Thailand sign up for earthTV

Germany’s earthTV has made agreements with a number of broadcasters in Asia, Europe and Africa to extend its global reach.

The network signed with public broadcasters Cambodia Television Network in Cambodia, MCOT in Thailand, Sveriges Television in Sweden, the new terrestrial channel HOGAR TV in Algeria and RMC Decouverte in France. T

The channels will air The World Live, earthTV’s flagship daily show that provides 90 seconds of footage from around the world every hour, and 3 Day Weather Forecast, which predicts future weather conditions two days in advance.

Earth TV airs live broadcasts from its camera network around the world. It usually features beaches, mountains, seaside resorts, or skylines of major cities. The network now claims to have more than 70 cameras around the world and to broadcast the World Live program – featuring 7 locations in 90 seconds in 200 countries, to more than 2 billion viewers daily.