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‘Day of Action’ for community digital radio in Australia

13 March 2013 was marked as a ‘Day of Action’ for Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s (CBAA) campaign to maintain all current community radio services in Australia digital.

The five metropolitan capital city stations around the country – Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth will be promoting the campaign website to support a digital future for community radio.

37 metro-wide digital radio services are currently operating in the five mainland capital cities. They include Indigenous services, radio for print handicapped, educational, religious, ethnic and multicultural, specialist music and arts, youth as well as community access services.

The President of the CBAA Adrian Basso said, “Community radio provides a voice to such a broad range of people and interests in our communities that are not always represented by mainstream media outlets. It will be a sad day if digital radio loses the diversity and unique services that community radio brings to the media landscape.”