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ABU forum to lay the groundwork for a Pan Asian TV Market

The Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), is running a Forum in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur on 25-26 March which will have the specific aim of establishing a Pan-Asian TV and content market for the region. 

ABU Secretary-General Javad Mottaghi said that the market will build on the national events staged in the region, and be something practical and useful that will be truly international and showcase the very best the Asia-Pacific has to offer.

“Very few new ventures of this scale and vision have started from the premise that producers and broadcasters actually do know best what they want in a TV marketplace; that’s why we are inviting key industry leaders to plan the event itself, to determine what will work and what won’t, what we will need and what we should aim for.” Dr Mottaghi said

The ABU and its partners hope this will be a sustainable event with a long-term future. The Union represents some 250 members from more than 60 countries around the world and that brings with it a significant commitment and infrastructure to coordinate and support the venture.

“As well as being a growing organisation, ABU is also an evolving entity representing an ever-more divergent and innovative area of communications, from broadcasting to social media, from program content to technical advances, from some of the world’s largest media organisations to some of the smallest. This diversity, innovation and cooperative spirit of mutual help which has sustained the ABU for nearly 50 years will underpin and sustain a Pan-Asian TV Market into the foreseeable future”,  Dr Mottaghi added.