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Radiodays Europe 2013 in Berlin

Radiodays Europe 2013 kicked off this week at the Berliner Congress Center with a 50 percent increase in participation.

Radiodays Europe’s co-founder and project manager Rolf Brandrud said the conference has grown from strength to strength: “This year we scored an impressive additional 50 per cent registered participants,” he said. “This is a great success. We are bringing together 1,000 people passionate about radio, but this attendance figure is a clear sign that, beyond passion, radio is still a business and an effective one,” he added.

The event highlighted an agreement inked between Digitalradio Norway with UK Radioplayer and will launch a new type of radio player for Norwegian radio channels. The British system, in Norway being named, contents features adding new dimensions to the use of Internet radio.

Two separate pre-conference workshops — a boot camp about radio sales, and a training session by the BBC College of Journalism about editorial leadership in the newsroom also were held.

The 2014 edition of the international radio conference is heading to Dublin and will be held there from the 23 to 25 March.