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Qatar TV to air Turkish Drama – Karadayi

New Turkish drama Karadayi, has made history by being licensed into the Qatar market and other territories, including elsewhere in the Middle East.

Qatar TV will begin running the show in the coming weeks. This is the first time ever that Qatar TV has purchased a Turkish show. For the Egyptian market, CBC bought the rights to begin airing the series exclusively as of this August. Negotiations are in progress with channels in the Gulf and Lebanon for a simultaneous run.

The CME-owned Nova TV in Croatia is also on board, as is the Bosnian network OBN. Pakistan’s URDU 1 also has the rights.

Fredrik af Malmborg, the managing director of licensing body Eccho Rights, said, “Karadayi is a fantastic series with a line-up of the best Turkish actors. This epic drama is in very strong demand and in most countries we had three to four channels fighting for the rights. Karadayi is, once again, proof of the continuous success of Turkish drama worldwide.”