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Radio industry urged to ‘secure its own future with euro-chip’

This was the message European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) Media Director Annika Nyberg-Frankenhaeuser delivered to the annual pan-European radio conference Radiodays, in Berlin.

An initiative to promote the adoption of a radio reception chip as industry standard to make analogue and digital free to air radio available to all receivers was launched by the EBU in Brussels in October 2012.

Since then, Ms Nyberg-Frankenhaeuser said the EBU had begun to build a united campaign among radio executives both public and private.

“This work has resulted in what we call the Euro-Chip Campaign, fully backed by EBU Members,” said Ms Nyberg-Frankenhaeuser. “It is historic because never before have public radio broadcasters been able to agree on one common message; to say with one voice to the industry, ‘if you join in and make sure there will be free-to-air broadcast in every radio device, then we promise to provide the content needed.'” she said.