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Asiavision coordinators discuss future of news exchange

More than 40 newsmakers and broadcasting engineers representing 27 countries – the members of ABU’s Asiavision (AVN) gathered in Tokyo today to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas to enhance AVN’s operations and maximize its news feeds.

This year’s meeting is hosted by NHK Japan.

Sedrick Ahn, Director of ABU News, said Asiavision is now working on improving its daily news exchange on both the satellite and online platforms.  He said it’s important to ensure Asiavision and its members meet the high quality benchmarks in content provision in order for AVN to be a competitive world leading news exchange network.

Mr Ahn said that this year- Asiavision welcomed three new members: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC); and Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC).

“We are on track to also add two or three more members from Central Asia this year. And we will work hand in hand with our partners Eurovision and Arab State Broadcasting Union (ASBU)”, Mr Ahn added.

Asiavision Coordinators Meeting 2013 was officiated by  Mr. Keichi Imamura, Director of International News, NHK . The meeting and workshops will be held from today until 10 April 2013.