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RT wins New York Festivals medal for Julian Assange talk show

The Julian Assange Show, RT’s weekly interview program, won Silver World Medal in the Documentary/Information Program: Politics television category.

The 12-episodes series aired on RT from April through July 2012 and featured exclusive interviews with some of the most influential and iconoclastic politicians and thinkers of the day. The Silver World Medal that RT was awarded for The Julian Assange Show was the highest honor awarded this year in the Politics category.

RT also won the New York Festivals Gold Medal in the Information/Magazine Program Promotion category, with its promo for From The Shadows (Desde la Sombra), a weekly show hosted by author and public speaker Daniel Estulin, on RT’s Spanish channel. The program takes a closer look into the secrets held by world’s business and political elites.

The New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards™ honors the World’s Best Television & Films™. This year’s Awards received entries from 50 countries from around the world. RT was named a finalist in 5 out of the total 15 categories it entered.