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Tuvalu could lose television programs

Tuvaluans might have to go without any television when the country’s only provider shifts its transmission satellite, Radio NZ International reports.

SKY Pacific, which is the Pay-TV arm of Fiji Television, has decided to move its satellite closer to Solomon Islands and Nauru so those countries will be able to access the service.

But the general manager of the Tuvalu Telecommunication Company, Simeti Lopati, says that is expected to make the signal too weak for local subscribers to pick up.

Mr Lopati says Sky Pacific had planned to move the satellite at the start of the month but there has been a delay.

He says when it happens there will be no alternative but for subscribers to get bigger dishes, which will be costly.

“It’s most likely that the 1.2 metre dish that most of our customers are using won’t be able to get the signal. We don’t have a free to air, once you don’t pay your subscriptions you won’t be able to get any TV service.”

Simeti Lopati says more than 100 homes on Tuvalu have Sky TV and pay at least 300 US dollars a year for it.