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New television channel for Oman

The Public Authority for Radio and Television in Oman has announced the launch of a new television channel in the Sultanate.

The channel, Oman Live, will cover various local activities and events, including “celebrations, conferences, seminars among other official and traditional activities, besides various civil community activities,” according to Oman’s official news agency, ONA.

The move, which also includes opening news bureau in different regions of the country, is part of a strategy by Oman’s Public Authority for Radio and Television to provide more local news.

A launch date for Oman Live has not yet been announced, reports.

The first nationwide television channel in Oman, Oman TV, began broadcasting from Muscat in November 1974, and from Salalah a year later. Oman TV2 now shows sport and cultural programmes, while its predecessor concentrates on news, official announcements, children’s shows and natural history programmes.

Satellite television is also widely viewed in Oman.