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CNBC increases programming content in Japan

CNBC is increasing its business and financial news content in Japan from this month and will include simultaneous Japanese translation.

The addition of CNBC’s live content comes in conjunction with the unveiling of Nikkei-CNBC’s new programming schedule this month. The new schedule brings together Nikkei-CNBC’s local content coupled with more of CNBC’s live international content – offering viewers a wider range of business news coverage from around the globe.

Michael Kearns, head of news and programming, CNBC Asia Pacific, said: “We’re pleased to be able to offer additional hours of CNBC’s live English language programming, translated into Japanese, on Nikkei-CNBC. The additional hours enable us to provide a more thorough and complete picture of the global economy to our Japanese viewers in their own language.”

The new schedule will focus on enhancing Nikkei-CNBC’s global financial and business news content in Japan while continuing to provide coverage of the locally relevant news affecting the Japanese market – creating a seamless experience for viewers who want access to the stories that are impacting their own market and those that are making waves globally.