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Astro tackles loudness with Stagetec

Malaysia’s Measat Broadcast Network System has appointed Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Academy as consultants to support their switch from level-based loudness management to loudness metering based on the ITU 1770 standard for their Astro Pay-TV channels. says by switching to loudness metering and processing Measat aims to deliver a uniform, high-quality sound experience throughout all the Astro channels.

Since 2010 Astro has been equipped with Stagetec Nexus audio routing systems and Aurus consoles that offer native loudness metering as well as support for third-party solutions such as Pinguin LndServer.

A first round of training and consultancy was held in March and led by loudness expert Jean-Paul Moerman from the Mediagroup headquarters in Buttenheim, Germany. For a week, Jean-Paul together with the Astro Audio Committee imparted theoretical and practical knowledge to all audio staff members in all areas of the Astro campus including studio production, MCR, transmission and post-production.