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CNN’s research confirms top position for news and business brand in Asia-Pacific

CNN retains its position as the number one news and business brand on all platforms, according to findings from the latest Pan-Asia Pacific Cross-Media survey (PAX). The research reinforces the network’s undisputed regional leadership in TV, mobile and online – making it 15 consecutive years in the top position. 

The PAX results for the period Q1 to Q4 2012 show that CNN is the frontrunner among international news and business channels across all metrics.

Duncan Morris, Vice President of Research at Turner International Asia Pacific, said: “What makes these results particularly striking is that CNN has the largest audience base in news, no matter how you look at the data – by platform, target group or reach metric. Since the first PAX results were announced in 1997, CNN has demonstrated that it is consistently successful in delivering quantity, as well as quality, in audience terms.”  

In the most recent research, CNN also demonstrated its online brand strength, with the results for CNN’s websites scoring well against the competition.