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ABU experts meet to chart future of satellite broadcasting technologies

More than 60 technology experts have gathered at a three-day ABU regional workshop on satellite broadcasting technologies in Sri Lanka.

The event in Colombo has been organised by the ABU Technology in cooperation with EAP Networks-Sri Lanka and it addresses issues on satellite broadcasting, the challenges and new technologies. 

Satellite broadcasting is a widely-used means of delivering content for broadcasters around the globe. The technology has evolved over the years with many new and cutting-edge innovations helping broadcasters and operators provide better quality services to their audiences.

The workshop was designed to provide expert knowledge and information on satellite technologies, focusing on the fundamentals of satellite communications, broadcasting over C-band, the evolution of the ku and the ka-bands and the enabling technologies behind these platforms. It also looks into regulatory issues, new IP-based advanced technologies and their applications as well as sharing some case studies and experiences from different regions around the world.

The workshop, which started on 14 May, is attended by the staff of ABU members from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Turkey, India, Brunei, Maldives, Pakistan and Myanmar.