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Shanghai Telecom to Release Internet Video ‘Magic Box’

Shanghai Telecom is set to release the “Mohe” (Magic Box), an Android set-top box (STB) combining IPTV, internet video, and internet applications.

Marbridge Daily reports that on start-up, the STB will display a main menu featuring links to the three features.  The Magic Box’s IPTV functionality, which allows time-shifting and on-demand viewing for 82 live channels and 36 channels of drama programming, is a joint effort between Shanghai Telecom and Hangzhou-based cable DTV and IPTV network operator Wasu.

The “Applications” menu features only a dozen or so applications at present, including cloud storage, gesture-based games, and a digital cinema application. The Magic Box’s closed ecosystem bars users from downloading applications from anywhere on the internet other than the iTunes App Store-like application store.

The Magic Box is currently in trials in some areas of Shanghai ahead of a late May launch. Shanghai Telecom IPTV subscribers are able to obtain the STB unit free of charge.