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3sat to stream its TV channel on the net

The culture and science channel 3sat, jointly operated by Germany’s public broadcasters ARD and ZDF as well as ORF and SRG from Austria and Switzerland, will live stream the best of the channel’s content on the internet.

ZDF director-general Thomas Bellut announced that a live stream of the regular 3sat TV channel on the Internet is currently in preparation which will also include the news broadcasts of the four partner channels.

During this summer 3sat wants to revamp its Internet site and strengthen it through online content from ARD, ZDF, ORF and SRG. “The channel will then offer a multimedia ‘best of’ from culture and science,” said Bellut.

In 2012, 3sat achieved an average viewer market share of 1% in Germany. In Austria, the market share amounted to 1.7% and in German-speaking Switzerland 1.3%.