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Canada’s public broadcaster allowed to take ads

Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC has been granted a new streamlined regulatory framework that will support the implementation of its strategy plan, and allow advertising on its radio channels.

The decision permits the public broadcaster to introduce advertising to CBC Radio 2 and Espace musique, “which will help the Corporation ensure that its music services can continue to be a point of discovery for Canadian music fans”, Radio Info reports.

 President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada Hubert T. Lacroix said:  “The endorsement of our plan by the [regulator] CRTC comes at a great time for us. We’ve just passed the half-way point of our 2015 strategy to become more regional, more Canadian, and more digital: we’ve opened eight new regional stations since 2011, we’re offering more Canadian content today than at any other point in our history; and we’re pioneering the second screen experience and delivering online and mobile offerings that are constantly evolving. The modern framework the CRTC has given us today will help us keep our momentum.

“The ability to generate new revenues is also key,. Generating new revenues through these services was central to the plan we put together to address the reduction of our parliamentary appropriations last year. Advertising won’t change the programming mandate of our services. Both will remain committed to supporting and showcasing the best in Canadian music.”

The broadcaster has been facing government funding cuts for some time and the move to allow it to advertise will ease some of the funding pressure on the national broadcaster