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1Asia Project

1Asia 2014


An initiative that encourages co-production and collaboration between Asian broadcasters and producers, based on the cooperation between the ABU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, Japan. 1Asia 2014 provides an opportunity to utilize a wide variety of resources by working in collaboration with local companies and municipalities across different regions of Japan outside the largely well-known urban areas of the country. These locations will provide new themes and ideas that may not have been previously covered by media in other parts of Asia.

We are pleased to announce 8 selected organizations for the 1Asia 2014 a joint initiative between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan and the ABU. They are:

1. VTV, Vietnam    –   UHB, Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting
2. TVK, Cambodia   –   KHB, Higashi Nippon Broadcasting
3. RTM, Malaysia   –   Mainichi Productions
4. NTV, Nepal         –   TeNY, TV Niigata Network
5. BTV, Bangladesh –   Far Eastern TV Entertainment
6. TVRI, Indonesia   –   MBS, Mainichi Broadcasting System
7. PTV, Philippines        –   CBC Creation
8. Attitude Pics , NZ        –  TV Tokyo




Call for Participation

11 August 2014

Deadline & selection process

5 September 2014

Announcement of selected proposals

12 September 2014

Matchmaking session in Kuala Lumpur

7-9 October 2014

Completion of final treatment

October-November 2014

Filming and production commences. All editing to commence by end of December.

November-December 2014

Rough cut and final cuts to be completed

January-February 2015

Airing of all programs on ABU stations without fail.

Last week of February 2015

For further enquiries, please contact Ms Hanizah Hamzah, ABU Senior Executive TV at