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CCTV-2 to launch The Biggest Loser in China

CCTV Financial Channel (CCTV-2) has bought the format of The Biggest Loser from NBC and plans to launch a Chinese version.

The format has sold to more than 90 countries and will broadcast in China in primetime every Saturday night from end of August, reports. 

While the remit of a financial channel may be to help viewers win not lose, CCTV has opened a channel for the audience to submit applications. Guided by top gym coaches and professional nutritionists, contestants who lose the most weight in the shortest time will be the winner. 

CCTV-2 announced that it will launch another three new non-finance related programs to attract more audiences – Super Coach (Chaoji Jiaolian), Losing Weight (Jianfei Jin Xing Shi) and Gas Station for Health (Jiankang Jiayou Zhan).