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OTT TV specialist Tvinci signs with Mediacorp for SEA expansion

Over-the-top TV specialist Tvinci has signed its first Asia-Pacific deal with Singapore’s Mediacorp as it signals its intention to up its presence in the South East Asian market.

Tvinci’s platform enables its customers – TV operators, telcos and media companies – to create a personalised, social TV experience for end-users consuming premium content across various devices.

Speaking to Digital TV Europe, Tvinci sales VP Adina Eckstein said that Tvinci is expecting to announce another agreement in this region and aims to tap into this opportunity with a new office there.

“Our strongest market up until now has been Europe, but we’ve been recently very successful in the APAC region as well and part of our plan is to establish an office over there,” said Eckstein.

She said “because there’s so much going on there now,” the move presented a big opportunity for the firm, and claimed that the base was likely to be in Singapore and would probably open in Q3 or Q4.

On the product development front, Eckstein said:  “We’re working on creating different product lines. Up until now you’ve got like one Tvinci suite. Now we’re looking into differentiating that and creating different types of offerings for different types of customers.”