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BBC launches Connected TV campaign

In a bid to improve awareness and uptake of new technology and platforms, the BBC has launched a new campaign to explain the benefits of Connected TV to viewers.

Launched on BBC One today, the campaign comprises TV and radio spots highlighting how audiences can catch up on their favourite BBC TV programmes via their connected TV.

A study by the online market research agency YouGov has found that the internet is making TV even better, but its benefits and ease of connection are unclear to many. YouGov estimates that 13% of UK adults own a Smart TV, but fewer than half (47%) of Smart TV owners currently use the set to go online on a weekly basis. By contrast, 50% of UK adults like the idea of accessing online content through their televisions.

This campaign will highlight how easy it is to catch up on BBC programmes via BBC iPlayer through the iPlayer app and by scrolling back within the onscreen TV guide on a number of connected TV platforms.

As part of the campaign, the BBC is sharing newly developed Connected TV branding with Public Service Broadcasters and Connected TV providers, ensuring that audiences see a consistent visual reference across all connected TV communications, highlight the benefits of these services and encourage viewers to connect their television sets to the internet.